Sally Lundburg

The Disappearing Place

Site specific installation at The Honolulu Museum of Art, Biennial X 2012 – koa branches and logs, zip ties, pluming tape, mason line, archival images on habotai silk, epoxy resin

Product Description

My first career ideas were journalist, poet, and anthropologist, and I think those early leanings govern my work today. My studio practice involves gathering ephemera and imagery from the people and environments around me. I also glean information from science, forestry, seafaring, and survival manuals, finding metaphors for human entanglements, fragility and resilience. My sensibilities are largely informed by Hawaii’s history of ecological and social invasions and it’s shifting cultural landscape, as well as personal experiences of self-reliance, isolation, and exposure to spirituality and faith.

Bridging collage techniques with botanical curiosity and anthropological tendencies, my work engages installation, mixed media, sculpture, photography, film and video to explore notions of identity, liminality, and social dynamics. I’m fascinated by the idea of a richly layered ecosystem where humans and nature collide, intertwine, adapt, and hybridize. My hope is that the work I create provides glimpses of creative mutual survival and enlightened interdependence.

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Website: Sally Lundburg
Mahiai Creative