Mats Fogelvik


Koa wood

30″ h x 15″ d x 30″ w

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Product Description

I believe a lot of furniture nowadays is “over designed”. There is a fine balance between beauty, function, and sculptural value in a piece and I am not afraid of using old, well-proven designs in my work to achieve that.  In doesn’t take much of a chance to add the “personal touch” to a piece. Too much, and the balance is thrown off.

My goal is to create pieces with a “one-of-a-kind quality” and at the same time the customer will be able to recognize and connect with the piece on a very emotional level. I believe wood is a living material and I am excited about bringing out the soul within–to make the wood express itself to you. Listen carefully and you will hear my furniture speak to you!

Photo by Mats Fogelvik

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