Marcia Ray



15″ x 22″

Product Description

When asked about constants, Marcia Ray will say that art has been hers. Inspired by the powerful imagery of Salvador Dali and the Surrealists, she first put brush to canvas at the tender age of fifteen, and she has never stopped painting.

Marcia came to the Hawaiian Islands in 1973, bringing her unique artistic vision to a place that would become one of her most powerful muses, the Big Island and her oceans.

Among her inspirations, Ray counts her extensive travels to Japan, Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean, the mythical and real history of the South Pacific, the flora and fauna of the Islands, Paniolo { Hawaiian cowboy} history, antique children’s book illustrations, and multi-cultural mythology. With such a wide variety of interests and inspirations, it is no wonder that her paintings often convey a feeling of universality, both aesthetically and spiritually.

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Website: Marcia Ray Art & Murals