Keith Tallett

Flying Hawaiians, akakū ānuenue (rainbow apparition I)

mixed media
72″ x 48″

Product Description

Our society has a cultural relationship to the land that is constantly being transformed. As a Hawaiian artist, I am driven to convey a personal interpretation of this relationship, to observe, witness and to respond. This involves an intuitive practice of gathering, (information, images and organic material), both from the landscape around where I live and from popular culture. My current body of work references the language, stylized patterns, and finish fetish materials used in Polynesian tattoo and car culture. There are mixed messages that are being sent (by outside forces like corporations) to create a fusion and confusion, mixing Hawaiian culture with counter culture and popular culture. I use those contradictory messages and symbols as material for this body of work… as a tension or opposition between opposing forces or elements. My intent is to explore the blurred lines that define authenticity, where the merging of contemporary culture with that of the natural world becomes a metaphor for native verse nonnative.

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Website: Keith Tallett