John Mydock

Triptych of Work
Found Object Sculpture, Pyrography on Wood, & Pearlized Wooden Vessel

Product Description

As an artist living in Hawaii, I find inspiration from all the natural beauty and culture here. It speaks to me and I follow through with a creative response that draws from my many years as a professional artist. My current passion is making and embellishing wooden vessels with two different finishing techniques. From my background in custom spray painting antique cars and motorcycles, I have developed a process which I call “Pearlizing.” I create the illusion of a glass-like finish by airbrushing multiple coats of transparent candy color on the wooden vessel…sometimes incorporating gold leaf designs and painting intricate patterns from nature. In contrast, I also like to use a natural oil finish over my original fine-line pyrography designs, depicting tribal images from a deep, heartfelt connection to this Paradise Found.

Photo by Isla Harmon

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Contact Info

Website: Mydock Studio