Ida Perkins

Heliconia Kimono

Giclee construction

36″ x 42″

Product Description

I love the colors of Hawaii.
I love the sunlight dancing on the water, the rich hues of the tropical rain forest, and the dramatic earth tones of the volcano.

I was born and raised here. I feel my toes are deep in the sand, soil and sea. It is as if I can breath in the incredible contrasts of light, color and design. Hawaii’s Asian influence affects me also. I am passionate about carving and printing wood blocks, and restoring antique Japanese furniture.

I try to incorporate all this in my art. I get excited if I can capture a small part of this delight. Even the rain clouds on the horizon captivate me. It is pure pleasure.

Original wood block, etching, Polymer photo etching, water color, pastel and collage.

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Contact Info

Email: idaperkins @