Frank Snow

Infinity – Shell Series # 3
Acrylic on Wood
28 inch diameter circle

Product Description

My initial inspiration to paint mandala art came from dreaming a Celtic mandala in 2003. I woke up, sketched it and painted the image with cobalt blue acrylic paint on a four foot diameter round wood canvas. I loved plane geometry in school. I built many homes in the islands and enjoyed the ability to see a three dimensional structure in my mind while reading two dimensional blueprints and then building it.

Now I take a small four inch diameter pencil sketch that came to me while looking at a flower or leaf in my yard or inventing some repeating shape with my imagination and painting the image on circular canvass I cut out of plywood ranging from two to five foot in diameter. I love experimenting with color! Walking into my studio becomes so exciting because the intention can change with the fluidity of being in the moment. I create by sipping some water, selecting a brush and stepping into mystery.

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Contact Info

Website: Frank Snow – Art Puako