papaya tree by eve furchgott

Eve Furchgott

Papaya Tree
moku hanga wood block print on Thai mulberry paper
13″ h x 6″ w

Product Description

I work in varied media: printmaking (monotype, wood and linoleum block, drypoint), pastels, oils, wood carving. In recent years, printmaking has been getting most of my focus.

My work is about parts of my everyday life — animals, landscapes, people, plants, fruits and vegetables; nature. I begin with observation; something that for some reason captures my attention often leads to a sketch and/or some photos. What I am really looking for is that moment when the ordinary suddenly reveals itself as extraordinary, even sublime. Once I am involved in the study part (sketch/photos), imagination can kick in and we go from there.

I am also an illustrator and graphic designer; my business is Blue Heron Multimedia. Among the more interesting projects Iʻve undertaken over the years has been the illustration of many Hawaiian language children’s books

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Contact Info

Website: Eve Furchgott