Robert Frutos

Pele’s Heart – Halemaumau Crater

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Camera Artist, Robert Frutos communicates through his photographs a unique vision of clarity, beauty, inspiration, & joy. These moments occur when the mind is clear of external distractions, one’s inner state of receptivity is heightened, and the outward elements of nature are combined through the camera viewfinder.

These moments invoke a sense of inner clarity, radiant well-being, expanded awareness & deep inspiration. They suggest our uniqueness, confirm our part in the whole, instill in us gratitude, and a reverence for all life. In these moments, a spiritual connectedness can take place.

I attempt to capture and convey, the subtle beauty before us, revealing our spiritual connectedness—and further attempting, through the medium of a photograph, to inspire that connectedness in others. When my images radiate a palette of light that both inspires and calms, then I have succeeded.

Robert Frutos is a camera artist, author, videographer and tour guide.

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Website: Robert Frutos