Kathleen Carr

Dolphin Dance


19″ h x 12″ w

Product Description

For many years I have photographed nature, people and the landscape in my travels. The beauty of nature and of life is my inspiration. I was fortunate to have studied extensively with Minor White, whose meditative approach to photography encouraged a reverence and connection with the subject before exposing the image. This approach influenced me greatly, and I see photography as a vehicle for spiritual growth–a mirror of my inner and outer awareness of life. I feel a deep connection with Hawaii–the ‘aina and the ocean, and especially with the dolphins and whales. I care deeply about nature, and hope that my images will inspire people to honor the earth and all who live upon it.

I’ve used a variety of photographic techniques over time to express my vision in a more subjective rather than a literal style, including hand coloring, Polaroid transfers and manipulations, digital infrared, underwater photography, and Photoshop techniques.

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Website: Kathleen T. Carr Photography