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I don’t paint things the way they look – I paint them the way they are.

I remember painting on the beach at the Jersey Shore when I was just a kid with my Dad. The intervening years kind of took that away until I started painting plein air again about 4 years ago and rediscovered the warmth and excitement of those moments. For me, painting furiously and intensely for 3 hours, trying to capture the ever changing moods and character of a scene, is the culmination of everything that I’ve done and know – the challenge, of course, is to forget all of that and just paint – after all, it’s just light, right?

Many people find Hawaii to be a peaceful and restful place, while I find painting here to be loaded with energy and excitement. My paintings are filled with adjacent complimentary colors and warm shadow work that reflect the vibrancy of the scene and the excitement of the moment.

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