Pattie Rechtman

Blue Jade
Oil painting

Product Description

Here on the islands of Hawai‘i, I live surrounded by magic. Every day I see things such as a flower basking in a puddle of sunshine, or lush, verdant leaves gleaming in the soft shadows.

I share my love of this world through my paintings. I find joy in the interplay between vivid bright colors — the vibration of two brilliant colors meeting.

To capture the perfect red of a blossom, or the ethereal light of a crisp white mushroom in the satin shadow, I have chosen to work exclusively in oils. Their rich solid tones, their smell, texture and feel inspire me.

They give me the ability to play with layers, and explore the effects of glazing. I use pure pigments whenever possible, and my palette includes many handmade paints.

In Hawai’i, I have found the time and the passion which allows me to share the magic in my oils.

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Website: Pattie Rechtman