Mary Ellen Clagett

The Dance
Acrylic on Wood

Product Description

I have been on a voyage of self-discovery since arriving on the Hawaiian Islands and my art is one of the tangible results of this journey. There is no better place than Hawaii to be inspired to create art which lifts the spirit and transports the viewer into an oasis of beauty and harmony. Every way you turn, there is beauty – in the tranquil waters filled with vibrant sea life, the incredibly diverse and beautiful flora, the myriad of birds winging through crystal blue skies, and the incredible variety of landscapes. I firmly believe that anything I can imagine can be found on one of the islands and thus I can let my imagination soar – playing with shapes and colors and letting them be filled with the spirit of aloha that permeates all things here. I am blessed to be creating my art in a land of enchantment.

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Website: Mary Ellen Clagett