Gail Yasin

Pink Ginger


10″ h x 8″ w

Product Description

Gail began studying art with a local art group in Renton, Washington to learn the basics in oil painting, and further an interest in art which had begun at an early age and continued through school. In an effort to learn the discipline of figure and portrait painting, she attended classes at Moldrem’s Atelier of Art in Seattle, Washington which featured live models and excellent teaching from Stewart Moldrem. Gail then decided to further expand her skills by attending Burnley Commercial Art School which later became The Art Institute of Seattle. It was there that she was able to learn to work in multi-media, studying graphics, illustration, mechanical art, design, and fine art. She studied fine art under the tutelage of William Cummings who was one of the original Northwest School of Artists along with Mark Tobey and Morris Graves. He encouraged her work, and fine art has remained her principle means of expression ever since. Gail was a member of the Snohomish Art Guild in Washington, and recently joined The Blue Sea Artisans co-operative in Hawaii where she displays her work.

Encouraging others to get involved in fine art is a passion of hers. She would like them to experience the freedom that painting brings when what is in the mind becomes transferred to the canvas. It plays out differently every time, and you step away more centered, pleased, frustrated, or awestruck; but always with a sense of solitary expansion.

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