Diane Renchler

Fairly Flower


28″ h x 22″ w

Product Description

The source of my inspiration for painting comes from many different areas. I love painting outdoors, plein air painting and prefer to paint either early morning or late afternoon time of day. I once studied with a teacher from at Pratt Institute who told us that the rods and cones in the eyes change at twilight or evening times giving the viewer a certain sense of well being, and being aware of that information, I like the colors that nature naturally provides which are richer and more vibrant at that time. Another style of painting I do is that I call “Inner Journey”, where images are created from first working with the abstract and then towards more subjective, like in a dream state or looking at clouds and letting the imagination take us beyond the analytical. Figurative sketches of people sometimes appear in my “landscapes” if I am painting and someone shows up and enters the scene, I include this figure in the painting.

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Contact Info

Website: Diane Renchler’s Toulouce Art Gallery