Noa Noa Aqua # 3 of 4 @ 12” x 12” x 2” Acrylic, oil & 23K gold leaf on archival board

Christina Skaggs

Noa Noa Aqua # 3 of 4

Acrylic, oil & 23k gold leaf on archival board

12″ x 12″ x 2″

Product Description

Christina Skaggs uniquely textured work reflects ancient iconic imagery in a distinctive color-field style making use of countless layers of alchemical glazes and 23K gold.

“I consider myself a symbolist painter in the decorative tradition of Gustav Klimt. I’ve been described as an alchemist because I have never revealed my secret techniques, as my goal is to create magical effects. My teacher, a third generation British painter, taught me that if the viewer could recognize your process, then you had failed,” explained Skaggs.

“The world has provided me with a rich and seemingly limitless source of ideas,” noted Skaggs. “My work is abstract, yet has a frame of reference. I have reinterpreted from a wide spectrum of inspirations. They range from ancient Persian culture to Mariano Fortuny’s 1920’s – era oceanic textiles, from the first written language – the bone oracles – to the Jōpon period of hunter and gatherer prehistoric Japan.”

“I have always made my living as a visual artist and that path has taken various forms over the years. I was one of the first female network television camera operators, worked as a window designer on Rodeo Drive, and designed sets as an art director in the heyday of MTV. I have been collecting colors, patterns and ancient symbols for as long as I can remember, and up until ten years ago I was not sure why,” said Skaggs. “It turns out this is exactly why.”

The artist’s custom commissioned works adorn five star hotels, restaurants and luxury homes and is collected by island visitors from all over the world.

Photo by Randy Skaggs

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Website: Christina Skaggs Paintings