Charlotte Nairn

Giant Spider Lily


12 x 15 inches, sheet size 22 1/2 x 19 inches

Product Description

The vast diversity and beauty of all Creation is a constant source of amazement to me…. to the extent that I have been greatly distracted by it since my move to Hawaii. Mostly I have found that art simply can’t compete. I am beginning to experience the synthesis of my environment, my own being, and my art more fully. My work has always been about the beauty of the world around us, and how divinity is present in every living thing. Now that is part of everyday life for me. It is not such a challenge to experience that here in this beautiful valley as the majesty is so omnipresent. We are surrounded by mountains and ocean, a stupendous environment. I love this land: it’s beauty, the feel of it, the power of it. I have been preoccupied with working on the land and with the land: creating a perfect home and work sanctuary here. Heaven.

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Website: Charlotte Nairn