Kiholo Pond by Barbara Jelks

Barbara Jelks

Kiholo Pond 

Oil on canvas

Product Description

Always inspired by the beauty of Hawaii, Barbara Jelks, portrays the essence of life on the islands through her paintings. The art of Plein Air, painting outdoors on location, provides the artist a challenge to portray what is really happening at that particular time and place. This method forces the artist to be focused and work quickly in order to complete a painting before the light changes. You can’t paint a morning painting in the afternoon; you must have patience and discipline to work when dealing with the changes of weather, light and the usual distraction of onlookers.

Painting,for Barbara, has been been a lifelong adventure. She has explored many various cultures and countries around the world, developing an individual style. It is passion that drives the artist to always seek new ways of seeing light, color, shape, value and form while portraying and evoking an emotional feeling. She feels extremely fortunate to live and paint in a place which offers so much Hawaiian culture and breathtaking scenery.

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