Alaina deHavilland

Hula Dancer on Koa

32″ h x 20″ w

Product Description

What inspires, mmm, now that’s a big question. Could be anything, any place, person or object and one may come across it anywhere.

Sometimes a dream will trigger an image, sometimes a momentary glance as you pass by something or someone. It catches the eye, stops you in your tracks, and you KNOW you have to paint this object, scene or person.

Mainly, though, as portraiture most intrigues me, a certain feature, a challenging profile, a look, a stance, an emotion projected either purposefully or when the person is unaware, is what grabs me.

And of course it almost always involves some drama of light and shadow. I think that’s what awakens the bud of inspiration, gets the thoughts churning, the emotions entwined, and the creation of the image springs forth, flowering.

That’s the beginning anyway, the fun part, the second stage of actually manifesting the piece is when the blood sweat and tears begins.

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