The Magical Wili Wili Forest 2015

Andrea Pro

The Magical Wiliwili Forest (Multiple Block Wood Cut Print)
Once upon a time on the island of Hawaii, wiliwili, ‘ohi’a, sandalwood and lama trees tunneled their roots into the lava encrusted earth, grew tall and sheltered a variety of plants such as halapepe, ilima and pua kala, along with insects and birds like the amakihi. Though earth-bound, the forest was a powerful force of nature attracting clouds that brought precious rain to the land. Time passed and people came. Only the strongest of all the plants, the wiliwili tree, survived the voracious appetites of the sheep, horses and goats brought by the people. As the forest disappeared the clouds vanished and the land became parched. This image depicts eighteen species of trees, shrubs, birds, and insects that populate the dry forest ecosystem and will one day thrive again because of the efforts of organizations like The Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative.

Edition number 20 Size 23.5″ h x 32” w

Product Description

I make my home on the slope of Hualalai Mountain on a lovely five-acre coffee and macadamia nut farm in Kahaluu, Kona on the island of Hawaii. The farm, the forest, the coral reef, and the culture of Hawaii inspires a yearning to communicate the feelings and perceptions that come to me continually.

Attending to my inner landscape and noting my responses to the world around me is central in my process of creating art. I notice how trees create weather patterns, the way birds flit, soar and play as they gather nectar and, especially, the extraordinary quality of light in Hawaii that infuses the land and ocean with color. My greatest joy comes from conveying the essence and beauty of Hawaii in the images I create. I have learned to pay attention to what I’m attracted to. I often incubate a snippet of an idea, insight, or enticing glimpse of light or color for months before I do even a rough sketch. I follow the thread of the experience in a search to understand what it is I want to say or show; what it is that intrigues me. What does this mean to me? How can I express its essence? The distance between what I’m attracted to and the final print is a long one with many stops along the way. It is this journey that keeps me awake and paying attention.

I recognized printmaking as my calling when I participated in a weekend workshop many years ago. Unlocking the mysteries embedded in the grain of wood, making marks with chisels and grappling with the puzzle of the image reversing when transferred from wood to paper satisfies my intellect, soul and hands in a deeply joyful way. The basic idea in the printmaking process is that an image incised or carved on a wood block or plate will be transferred to paper when inked and run through a press. My prints are made one at a time by hand and are printed in limited editions.

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