Sherri Carden

Adventures of Mocha Latte’ the Donkey Lama
mixed media on canvas
36″ x 42″

Product Description

My favorite place to create art is in nature, and has been ever since I was a child. The artistic process is enhanced whenever my senses are awakened, particularly in beautiful places, most especially Hawai’i Island. Producing art enables me to fully experience the real magic in life: it is within my grasp. I simply need to slow down a bit and immerse myself in its presence. Joy happens when embracing beauty, something we all experience in our own way on this amazing living planet: observing the seas, skies, sanctuaries. For me, any place with water, trees and flowers is an extraordinary opportunity to express myself. I want to capture the essence in paint on canvas or paper, hang it on my wall and allow it to continually inspire me.

I am deeply inspired and connected to every living thing on the piece of land where I live, especially my adorable farm animals. If only the yard would take care of itself and things around the farm would stay fixed, I could paint more often.

Creating art inspired by my miniature donkey (I call him Mocha Latte’ the Donkey Lama, because he is truly a wise ass) is one of my favorite things. His animal friends are extremely entertaining and inspiring as well! All of their personalities warm my heart and ignite my imagination. These animals are always sharing their latest ideas with me. It is my hope that others can feel the joy, light and happiness through the art I create. May we all become happier and feel more alive!

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