Sarah Soward

Great Spirit

Oil painting

24″ h x 36″ w

Product Description

Rhinotopia came about because I’m a fan of research and metaphor. I learn through painting, and I like to share what I learn. My reasons for painting rhinos are fairly straight forward. My reasons for painting them the way I do is a little more esoteric.

I’m a conservationist. In an effort to make rhinos immortal and therefore figuratively beyond the reach of extinction, the Rhinotopia paintings link the rhino to the sacred. They tie into and embody different powers, deities, and archetypes. The titles of the paintings come from songs in order to provide another way to decode and better understand the paintings. To help save the rhino in real life, I donate a percentage of what I am paid for each rhino painting to the International Rhino Foundation.

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Contact Info

Website: Sarah Soward