Maryruth Eaves-Herrera

Morning Solitude
Oil on Canvas
36″ x 36″

Product Description

Born in 1958 with Cancer, I am a survivor. Every day is a gift – a blessing. Each morning’s cacophony of bird song brings new inspiration to live and to love and to paint! Being out in nature is one of my passions. On this island I see the majesty of creation all around me; and each vista, along with each child’s smile, each grandmother’s wrinkle, even a mother’s prayerful tear– is awe inspiring.

Painting is the way I express my gratitude for each new breath. As I move and work in color, rhythm and form, the canvas, board or object begins to reflect one minute aspect of the majesty of life that surrounds and sustains us. If, when I am done, someone either pauses to look and to sigh, or smiles or laughs or perhaps even flees from their own reflection therein, then perhaps the blessing has indeed been shared.

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Website: Maryruth Eaves-Herrera