Lois & Earl Stokes

Autograph Tree Leaves with Tangle


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Zentangle Inspired Art

We are Artists of the Spirit, inspired by the patterns found within man, nature and the environment. Our drawing is a daily ritual, intuitive and ceremonial in nature. To us the creation of art is a healing. The process, not the final product, is what is important. Our work is a moving meditation. The images we create are made by drawing structured patterns using the Zentangle ® method. As Certified Zentangle Teachers, we enjoy sharing this process of painting with patterns. It is our belief that almost anyone can create beautiful images from deliberate, repetitive, strokes. These repetitive, simple steps support relaxation, focus and inspiration. Rich in metaphors, this process is an empowering and uplifting experience that can be applied in many ways. It is a journey, shamanic in nature, symbolic in intent, that we take to travel to a space that knows no time or place.

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