Linda Peterson

Koi 2


3-1/2″ h x 2-1/2″ w

Product Description

Bright colors and strong contrasts in light catch my imagination when creating a composition to paint. Hawaii, on the land and under the sea, has offered me that! I have painted for over 30 years and usually paint in the traditional style with oils and acrylics. Lately I have enjoyed representing images in some non-traditional styles which gives the work a more impressionistic look. Painting objects in acrylic “dots” creates a mosaic or beaded texture. Along with larger sized paintings, I enjoy doing miniature acrylic paintings ranging in size from 2 inches by 2 inches up to 4 inches square. They are a small treasure to tuck away in a small space. I will continue to evolve and explore this wonderful creative outlet called art!

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Website: Linda Peterson