Julie Evans

Let It Go

Photography & Found Objects

Product Description

I love found object art. Leaving art objects in unsuspected places for others to find is my way of sharing art (and aloha) with the world. The messages are from my heart and are lessons I’ve been working on personally. I have always loved hand lettering and embrace any opportunity to incorporate it into my artwork.

I am a Certified Zentangle teacher and practice Zentangle as a drawing meditation of mindfulness. By drawing structured, repeating patterns, the mind becomes very present and focused on the line you’re drawing at the time. By releasing judgement and attachment to outcome, the practice is empowering and nurturing to the soul. I enjoy teaching others to be empowered by their own unique creative expression.

In addition to being an active Certified Zentangle teacher, I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, lover of letters, and all-around crafty girl.

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Website: Julie Evans- Kala Creative