Joseph Ruesing

Eruption at Halemaumau

Digital Composite Pigment Print on Canvas

45″ h x 36″ w

Product Description

I, digital artist, monitoring images more un-solid than Einstein’s atom-stuffed chair.

A monkey with a predicate adjective, yet finding a space for the unbeautiful. A refrigeration specialist freezing light and time in unused spaces, secret clubhouse places.

Squishing pixels, interpreting digital entrails – success measured in dollars, the universal pigment.

Navigating by stars uncharted, drawn to scale by unknown psychic forces, finding a safe warm puka to stay. The puka and the un-puka explains everything. Almost. Except the path that leads to nowhere . . . good luck!

The Great Warrior, known for watching . . . a summer’s day in 1948.

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Contact Info

Website: Joseph Ruesing