Jennifer Zingg

Inspired by Punalu’u

Gourds/Mixed Media

40″ h X 20″ w

Product Description

I love gourds..I love creating art with gourds… and depending upon what part of the world you are from… I love the ipu, calabash, hulu or calabanza.

I love gourds for their organic, earthly roots, their rich cultural history and endless natural beauty. Gourds have been part of the human story for centuries. Aside from their obvious utilitarian uses, in many cultures gourds are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, longevity and even fertility to those who possess them. They are mentioned in cultural folklore from around the world and often appear in creation myths as life keepers or givers.

I began my personal artistic journey with the gourd over a decade ago after receiving several as a gift from my grandfather. He grew them on our farm in Indiana when I was a child. My work has grown and changed over the years much like a gourd on the vine. Now, I strive to educate others about the cultivation and history of gourds and how they can be used as an art medium. I  continue to enjoy the challenge and process of creating gourd sculpture and always strive to push the technical and aesthetic limits of my work.

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Contact Info

Website: Jennifer Zingg Studio