Jacob Medina

A'ama Tower Shell

Acrylic and collage on canvas

48″ x 60″

Product Description

The inspiration for my art is derived from several different places and ideas. Some pieces are narratives relating to personal experiences and some are fictional characters open to interpretation. I enjoy finding new ways to apply paint or color to a surface while still maintaining a recognizable motif. My concepts, techniques, and subjects are constantly changing depending on my mood and environment.

I am also greatly inspired by the culture, landscape, animals, and people of Hawai’i. For example, one series of paintings explores the physical and metaphorical similarities between the A’ama crab and the life guard towers found on the Hawaiian shores. Another series of paintings is based on animals placed in tropical landscapes while it’s raining. However, one of the subjects I consistently revisit is the human face. All senses can be found in the human head. It is the hub for communication displaying emotion while simultaneously processing reality.

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Contact Info

Website: Jacob Medina