Donna Grabow

Jackson Chamelion

cement– landscape sculpture

Product Description

It’s always been a dream to create a garden sanctuary, filled with sculptures and trails that guide people to enjoy Nature through dreamlike pathways. In 2004, I bought a piece of land next to Volcano Highway on the Big Island of Hawaii. This HWY has been named a World Heritage Corridor, as it is the road leading to the Volcano National Park.

The statuary is made from ferro cement and black lava sand. Masonry mesh was used to build a scaffold, then shapes were formed and cement added. For me, landscaping a Zen Garden is akin to sculpting our mind. While cultivating our garden, we can also imagine that we are sculpting our mind; beautifying it by removing unwanted weeds/thoughts, leaving room only for refined growth and positive thoughts to blossom in our Zen Garden.

Peace Park is a small contribution, sitting on a tiny spot, on this fragile blue planet, Earth. We are all GARDENERS, having some kind of mission to contribute to the cultivation of change and new growth. We are capable of sculpting our garden or mind to become the way we want. 


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Website: Donna Grabow