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Garden Tub
Oil Painting

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Like many artists I easily find inspiration in many diverse objects, moments, environment people, and
culture. A simple little vignette can be my momentary Muse. When I work in abstraction, I find describing movement a very entertaining pathway. I like to play with subtle movements highlighting and exaggerating them. When I paint en plein aire, the surroundings are always moving, and I work in the traditional way of painting the light, which is always moving.

I begin as a studio artist, and have been painting en plein aire for about 4.5 years now. To sit outside and complete a painting is one of my greatest pleasures. I also find great inspiration in the human form. Due to a shoulder injury, I cannot spend a great amount of time figure drawing, but it is something I consider vital to the growth of every artist. So I try to draw as often as my shoulder allows. I truly miss the discipline that figure drawing offers.

I find that I am now inspired by writing of what inspires me! So cool how Muses work.

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Website: Amy Markham – One Gallery