Pat Pearlman

Black Diamond Necklace

Product Description

Since 1971, I carved miniature “Nature Images” in wax for casting into silver and gold, accented with stones and beads. Now my jewelry medium is gemstones, using minimal metals. Always a painter and sculptor, I recently did a series of honey calcite carvings. Whatever the medium, I consider myself a minimalist, with an interest in symbolism.

Nature is my primary source of inspiration. Contrast and change are essential as well. Interested in both math and art, I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1968. Being small and portable medium, jewelry designing suited my wandering life style, supporting me from Erie, PA to Cape Cod to Alaska and now Hawaii. Here I fulfilled my dream of living off the land on my prizewinning organic “Konaroma” coffee farm in Honaunau.

Now I am on the road again, with Hawaii as my base, watching my creativity flow.


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Email: patpearlman @