Nesta Feher

Dad’s On Fire

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To channel the spirit and soul of my Island home through art is one of my favorite passions. Born and raised here in Hawaii, I feel the spirit of these Islands.

There are so many ways to create and explore visual images. I keep trying new methods and mediums to express the spirit of my own personal style. I tend to use a certain medium or method according to how I relate to my world at that time. Right now, I relate to black and white, but color will come when my color mood takes me there.

I have used many different mediums for my art through the years, and some of them are: drawing, painting, wood carving, calligraphy, printmaking, photography, silkscreen, graphic computer art, cement sculpture, copper wire sculpture, and probably some I’ve forgotten about. I just go with my mood, and that determines what I’ll create next.

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Website: Nesta Feher