Karen Mortensen

Landscape of the Heart-Transcendence

Bronze Mesh Sculpture

A little larger than life size

Product Description

My artistic process is very much like the growth of a fruit tree. Inspirational sustenance is absorbed from the environment, manifesting as branches, leaves and fruit. Healthy growth is self-perpetuating as long as the environment meets the needs necessary for survival. My art is the fruit of my growth. Each piece informs and feeds the next. Each idea branches out, and in its season, matures into succulent fruit.

My chosen materials are pigment, metal, wood, and sometimes, stone. I’m a sculptor and a painter; often combining the two. Primarily, when I sculpt, I form and paint bronze mesh in a process I developed myself over the years. When I create paintings, my favorite medium is soft pastel, because in that medium I feel freer in my mark-making.

My life as an artist is a varied and wonderful balancing act of care-giving; between home and garden; animals both wild and tame; friends, family and self. Balance is the secret ingredient for me to sustain my productivity, giving me the supreme happiness being an artist affords me.

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Website: Lakelovesong Studio