Joe Laceby

The Storyteller
Hand tinted Cyanotype with ink, pigments and Mica flakes. Enclosed in a fabricated steel frame
22.5″ x 30″

Product Description

As we are descending a jungle trail, a friend asks what type of imagery I find interesting. To the right, we see a picture-perfect bay with towering cliffs and the bluest of blue water extending to the horizon. He points out across the bay and asks if I think this picturesque scene makes an interesting image. “To some”, I reply.

Pointing down the trail, I tell him “THIS is what interests me as an artist.” The overgrowth has created a tunnel and at the end there is a blind turn that holds endless possibilities. The steep sides of the trail ensure a path where you may only traverse forward or retreat back to the beginning.

I see this as an opportunity to shed the confines of the soothing visual norms that most would find intriguing. My excitement begins as I delve deeper down the path collecting sights, sounds, smells and textures for later regurgitation. As a maker, I reconstruct these images to represent my experiences though not necessarily the reality of their existence. This is what I find interesting.

I create imagery that, much like this trail, sends us forward on a journey into the unknown; never knowing what we may encounter but leaving us with a sense that when we reach the end, we will have experienced something that transcends the beauty we expect and takes us deeper into a realm where curiosity and fascination rule supreme. A place where typically beautiful images pale in comparison to what we have discovered by daring to forge ahead, around that corner, leaving the comfort of what we know for the possibility of what we may find.

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Website: Joe Laceby