David Reisland

Bamboo Buffet

Koa, milo, & bamboo

80″ h x 88″ w x 24″ d

Product Description

As a fifth generation woodworker, sometimes I believe the need to be in the studio is in my bones. My passion for woodworking has driven a career of over thirty years and continues to fuel my creative process. On the journey to becoming a woodworker I have built scores of houses, stores, banks, cabinets, boxes and custom motorcycles, been a union carpenter, a long haul truck driver and a helicopter mechanic. I have flown old airplanes and helicopters and have driven fast cars and faster motorcycles.

Along the way I developed a passion for Asian art and architecture and the designs of the Arts and Crafts movement. I draw inspiration from the things that surround me and these influences, and the driving forces within me, cause a continual striving for perfection. I combine the art with the craft so the spirit of the tree can live on as a piece of fine furniture enriching the lives of the people for whom it was created.

Now, with my wife by my side, I do the work I love.

Photo by David Reisland

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Website: David Reisland