Mishi Clauberg


Product Description

“Some People Live, I Create”
My passion in life is to create in every given opportunity. Through conscious jewelry, web and graphic design, photography or simply by creating memories, it’s all magical to me.

Greatly inspired by color, I would paint the world in rainbows if I could. I don’t just see color but feel it with my being. A beautiful shade of blue or unique color combination makes my cells come alive!
In addition, I lead journeys to re-connect with nature and remember the spirit of aloha is about celebrating self, living in love and creating the life of your dreams.

Combining creation, color, aloha, connection and nature, I have found a love for creating conscious jewelry. Working with the power of crystals and stones, I create living, wearable works of art intended to inspire our everyday lives. Being able to share my mana and aloha this way is an honor and a joy.

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Website: Light of Aloha