Michelle Deis


ammonite fossil, tigers eye, jasper, fresh water pearls, turquoise, apatite, glass beads, suede-like fabric 

6″ x 8″ bib necklace

Product Description

Designing jewelry is a delightful sensation of colors and textures. My artistic background began with textiles as a self-taught seamstress.  It seems I’ve come full circle as my latest designs are created using the bead embroidery technique. Combining beads with sewing is the perfect marriage of both worlds. I absolutely adore stitching each tiny bead on the suede cloth!  I was first inspired to design jewelry after moving from Philadelphia to Hawaii.  Here breezes carry the scent of rain and flowers, the ocean glitters in teal and turquoise, and Hawaiians honor Pele with chants and hula.  My inspiration is nature’s divine aspect and the mystical unseen world, diverse culture’s art and personal adornment I’ve seen in Paris, Venice, Austria and Senegal. The Louvre, Venus de Milo, Murano glass, ancient books detailed with gold and lapis lazuli, hand-dyed African cloth and Balinese batiks are a few of my favorite things. Step into my world and let’s explore the beauty together.

Photo by Mark Wilson. Model, Cheriess Bugado.

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Website: Michelle Deis Designs