Valerie Yong Ock Kim

Between, Kohala 2012


24″ x 32″ archival pigment print

Product Description

An interesting photograph connects me to both intimacy and distance. I love a photograph that offers me several layers of information. This can happen with color, with lighting, with movement. These elements make me want to stop and visit, see something I would have missed, go somewhere I would not have gone.

I love paying attention to the understory of being anywhere. Hawaii’s gifts can sometimes wipe out the desire to go any further than the beautiful surface. But under the flowers and blue skies I am drawn into loamy soils. Here I find the wide eyes of mixed blood kids, the big laughter amidst chaos, the deep love that comes up through layers of earth from its very middle.

There is a sustaining energy from love of a certain quality. It sponsors growth. The visual expression of this lives here and is what inspires me.

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Website: VYOK Photography