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Through my glass artwork I bring the vibrant colors and imagery from nature that so inspire me, into the lives and homes of people around the globe. I create glass pieces with imagery from ocean life, plants and flowers and Polynesian symbols.

I am inspired by color and by the way light works with color in glass to create a sense of movement. I am attracted to imagery and see glass as a way to “paint”, yet have the depth and dimensionality that glass gives. My glass artwork is made for display; either wall-mounted or free-standing, some with koa wood stands; or my “wearable art”, i.e., jewelry.

My pieces include images of sea turtles and other sea life or plant life. I create the imagery with cut glass shapes, using both transparent sheet glass and opal sheet glass to make use of both reflected and transmitted light. I also use frit and powders to create shading and texture.

Many of my pieces have a background for the imagery that I make by melting glass through a screen. In the kiln, the glass drips through the screen into the form I’ll be using for the final piece. The dripping process allows the glass to mix and swirl as it falls to the kiln shelf. This creates layers of color that move and swirl in three dimensions within the glass. I create artwork for display and as such, attention to the back side of the piece and the way light will play on and through the glass is taken into consideration. While most pieces can be wall-mounted, they are meant to be free standing and many come with koa wood stands.

In addition to my display pieces, I also make jewelry. I use the swirled glass from my screen melts as well as dichroic glass. I cut the pieces into shapes and wire-wrap the piece to form pendants and earrings. I also etch the dichroic glass to create imagery within the dichroic glass.

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