Hugh Jenkins & Stephanie Ross

From Above
Blown glass

Product Description

Hugh Jenkins & Stephanie Ross are the husband and wife team creating these gorgeous blown glass works of art. Through their true collaboration, they are able to create colorful, complex works.

The couple has blown glass on Hawai’i Island since 1999, after leaving long teaching careers in Honolulu (Stephanie at Holy Nativity and Hugh at Punahou School). Since 2001 they have collaborated in their home based studio in Honoka’a where they assist each other in all stages and arrive at agreed upon completion. They are proud to be considered a nationally leading studio in the use of renewable energy, with reclaimed cooking oil as their main fuel for melting glass.

Their most recent collaborations are in direct response to living here–depicting impressions of volcanoes, forests, and the ocean’s energy–though they have moved away from literal pictoral interpreations, preferring the abstract. Hugh and Stephanie find constant inspiration in the varying climates and environment of this special place.

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Contact Info

Website: Big Island Glass & Art Gallery

45-3626 B Mamane Street
Honoka’a, HI 96727