Calley O’Neill

20% – NO TAKE

Mixed aqua media and Politec glaze painting on canvas

6' by 4' (7' by 5' when bordered)

Product Description

As a visionary artist, designer and social ecologist, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to making a difference in our world. What inspires me is moving consciousness in a positive direction – awakening awareness and understanding through art. It is time for art to become powerful again, and speak in a positive, compelling way.

I am sparked by Rama, my collaborator, the remarkable Asian elephant with whom I paint. My magnum opus is RAMA: AMBASSADOR FOR THE ENDANGERED ONES, a work in progress and a clarion call for the wisdom and action to restore the Earth’s living systems and create a healthy future for all children.

May my artwork activate hope and optimism, as the future holds boundless opportunities, limited only by our imagination and beliefs. We have everything we need to restore nature and create an abundant, sustainable life for all. In this, there is room for everyone’s talent.

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Contact Info

Website: Calley O’Neill

To learn more about the Rama Exhibition, visit www.TheRamaExhibition.org