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The beautiful, secluded mountains of Kau on the Big Island of Hawaii are my home. Crafting Menehune dolls and writing about the mystical spirit of Hawaii are my passions.

I was born and raised in Germany. Thirty years ago a coincidence caused me to move Hawaii. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Hawaii, I started handcrafting miniature Menehune dolls, expressing my deep respect for Hawaii’s ancient magical spirit through them. I also wrote a story for each doll to enhance their unique personalities and inspirational messages of Hawaii’s mystical culture. Living in Hawaii along with intensive studies and research has increased my deep love and respect for all that is Hawaii and given me some knowledge to integrate Hawaiian traditions and symbolism into my art and writings.

Honoring magical Hawaii and spreading its magnificent Aloha spirit through my art has become my life’s purpose.

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Website: Magical Hawaiian Menehunes