Linda Smith

Lei Mokihana

Hawaiian quilt made with cotton fabric

100″ x 100″

Product Description

My primary source of inspiration is the beauty of God’s creation around me, especially near my home in Volcano, Hawaii.

I started quilting in 1971 when I took an adult education class on Hawaiian Quilting from Julia Toomey, who lived in the Kawananakoa family home and had a large collection of old quilt patterns. I fell in love with Hawaiian quilting and creating works of art completely by hand.

I also am inspired by the volcanoes, eruptions and changing environment of the Big Island where I was born and raised. I am currently working on a series of quilts with a volcano theme.

I enjoy finishing old Hawaiian quilts that were started in the generation before me because the older patterns are very special. I have completed two of those quilts for friends of our family who lived on the Big Island.

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Contact Info

Email: lindakssmith @ gmail.com