Vicki Penney-Rohner

Fenceline in the Fog

Oil on canvas

30″ h x 40″ w

Product Description

My oils and pastels always strive to create a feeling, using light, composition and a layering of color to not just render an image, but to express a mood. I consider my work to be impressionist realism. I always start with a very loose rendering to create my value range and composition, then I layer more colors, stopping along the way to decide the amount of realism I want to create. I have been inspired by my studies with pastel artists Harley Brown and Kitty Wallis, and Edwin Kayton has been my mentor in creating realism in my oils. My work reflects the classic training I have received, and reveals a blending of classic and impressionist expression. The creation of 3-D form on a 2-D plane is a passion for me, with recent works more abstract or non-representational.

My work in porcelain creates free-form bowls and sculptures as a “canvas” on which I use china paints and glazes to express myself.

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Website: Art by Vicki