Tom Pasquale

Koa Jewelry Armoire

Koa wood

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Product Description

My wife and I met on the Big Island back in 1988 and have been collaborating since 1990 to create our handcrafted art and jewelry boxes. Our design work combines my Koa woodworking with Julie’s original ceramic tile. We’re thankful to still live in the little town where we met, enjoying the simple lifestyle of rural Ka’u. The beautiful mountains and rugged coastline provide an abundance of creative inspiration. In fact our business name, KUA’AINA, is a nod to both this inspiration from nature and the raw materials, wood and clay, that we use to make our art. The Hawaiian word kua’aina refers to the outlying rural areas, like the place where we work and live on the southern end of Hawaii Island. We have a lot of aloha for Hawaii, and strive to share that aloha through our work.

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Website: KAU’AINA