Tom Mehau

Hoku Pouli
Pen and Ink
Approx. 12″ x 14″

Product Description

The great American composer and philosopher Frank Zappa once said, in the guise of a large blue poodle dog, “the crux of the biscuit…is the apostrophe”.

That poodle accurately described my aesthetic.

What is the apostrophe? It is that which remains after filtering out the unnecessary. It is a marker, an indication that disparate elements have been fused to create something new.

I consider myself a creative person, but I know that nothing comes from nothing. As a child I soaked up everything from illustrated fairy tales to Mad Magazine and Zap Comix. I worshipped M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Robert Crumb. Read everything from Robert Anton Wilson to Bill Wilson. These are some influences, but my wife Beth is my inspiration.

I am a Native Hawaiian artist who tries to create things that haven’t yet been seen, but still seem intimate and familiar.

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Contact Info

Website: Tom Mehau