Shelby Smith

Tangerine Legs Goes Uptown

Clay and Glass

Product Description

Shelby B. Smith is a Sculptor who uses all types of media to create works that stretch the potential of materials and the imagination. His work has a fantastical and humorous quality that influences his Re-use of many materials. His mixed media sculpture uses the history and patina of time in each objects construction. Wheel-thrown and hand-built combinations in clay have been his primary media for functional work using multiple clay bodies and firing techniques. Trained as an Architect, Shelby began working in Ceramics at the University of Kansas in 1998, where he received a double degree in Architecture and Design Ceramics, 2000. Shelby then went onto Apprentice with noted ceramic sculptor Jun Kaneko at his studio in Omaha, Nebraska for 2 years. Shelby received an MFA from San Jose State University in CA, 2006. His studio is located on the Big Island.

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Website: Blue Cinder Studio