A Moment In Time by Mary Laird

Mary Laird

A Moment in Time

Product Description

Inspiration for my expression as an artist has primarily been the natural world around me.

As a child, I spent hours observing my surroundings. I found the living things of earth hypnotic, meditative to watch. I would lie on my back watching the sky and clouds for hours, dreaming.

Mother Nature and Father Sky are central to my Philosophy and Spirituality.

The perfection of everything in creation is fascinating. The Complexity of an angry storm stirs my imagination as much as the simplicity of a single blade of grass. Both make me wonder what is beneath them. How do other elements affect them?

I want to see it and feel it. Only then can I really capture and convey the emotion that is evokes.

It is my goal as a painter to capture a moment in my subject, that creates a feeling for my audience, using color, light and* shadow.

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Email: marydaylaird @ gmail.com