Leilehua Yuen

Traditional Kapa

wauke bark and dyes

Product Description

I come from generations of working artists and designers, so I was blessed with an environment which encouraged me to live life as art. Everything – from washing ones face in the morning, to creating a sculptural masterpiece – can be approached as art. I think we develop habits of artfulness if we are so encouraged. Being hapa – a descendant of Hawaiian, Chinese, British Isles, European, and Native American ancestors – also informs my art, as I look to my kūpuna for guidance, so I pull in emotional and spiritual resources from a wide contextual fabric. I am also a performing artist and professional storyteller. For me, the visual arts come down to my basic function as a storyteller. Whether I am working in fiber, stone, metal, wood, sound, or paint on paper, it’s all about communicating the story, and facilitating viewer/participants in adding to the story and telling their own.

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Website: LeiManu Designs